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Banarasi Sarees - Depiction of Richness and Opulence

Banarasi sarees hail from the city of Varanasi. They are the epitome of elegance and polish. Banarasi sarees are known to be among the top saree type and are of the finest quality. Banarasi Sarees usually have a silver or gold brocade or zari, have classy embroidery and are fine silk.

Banarasi sarees have attractive designs and tugs at every women's heart owing to their diverse colour palette.

Banarasi sarees are a popular choice for wedding ceremonies worn by bride or attendees. Want a royal and elegant look on occasions and functions? Then opting for a banarasi saree is the ideal choice.

When you see a banarasi saree, you will observe that the designs and patterns are beautifully put on the border and pallu of the saree to make it look gorgeous.

Banarasi sarees are of several types, and you will find the best of the best collection at Hastkala.


Our Incredible Range of Banarasi Sarees

There is an exceptional range of banarasi sari for you to pick. To get your hand on the most royal and elegant banarasi saree, you've got us. At Hastkala, you will find everything. From a banarasi silk saree to pure banarasi silk sarees, to chiffon banarasi saree, to Katan banarasi saree to Bengali banarasi saree. We bet buying one won't be enough, and you may end up picking up one of each kind.

1) Bridal banarasi saree: When it comes to your special day, everything needs to be 'perfect'. Right from clothing, food, the ceremony to the décor everything has to be grand. So then why not choose your perfect outfit from the best place?

We have the most exclusive and elegant range of bridal banarasi saree. It will give you a look that you have always dreamt of as a bride. Bridal banarasi jewellery paired with old traditional and ethnic jewellery is the ultimate drop-dead gorgeous look. If you are stressing over buying your ideal banarasi saree, then Hastkala is here for you if you want to buy sarees.

2) Chiffon banarasi saree: The chiffon fabric is known for being shimmery and flowy and has a sheer and transparent appearance like tissue paper. Chiffon banarasi sarees give you the charm of shimmer and a rich appearance, that is pleasing to the eyes. Chiffon banarasi sarees at Hastkala display beautiful intricate work to highlight the subtle beauty. If you want an elegant and stylish embellish for auspicious occasions, then see our collection now. Chiffon banarasi sari paired with the traditional Meenakari and Kundan Jewellery is a perfect outlook.

3) Banarasi silk saree:  A banarasi silk saree should be on the list of every bride. It is an evergreen piece of clothing that has trickled down from generations to generations, and women of all ages adore it. A banarasi silk saree is worn by a bride at least once in any of her wedding ceremonies. Banarasi silk sarees with all bright/bridal colours and heavy pallu designs are available at Hastkala. Time to give your bridal look the glamour and royalty it deserves. We also have a rich collection of pure banarasi silk saree and banarasi silk saree for wedding attendees and bride family.

4) Banarasi georgette sarees: Banarasi georgette sarees are first woven in organic colours and later dipped in eloquent hues and shades. They are comfortable and give you an elite appearance. They are skin-friendly, light-weighted, and soft making them a desirable pick for your saree collection. Our banarasi georgette sarees range will let you redefine glamour and premium ness. Our range of georgette sarees reflect the rich culture of Indian, never fail to amaze and will flaunt your style.

5) Bengali Banarasi Saree: Have you seen the bongs dress up and look ravishing in their Bengali banarasi sarees. The Bengali's have a different kind of affection towards banarasi sarees. They prefer draping themselves in types of banarasi sarees for various occasions. Their weddings are incomplete without a Bengali banarasi saree. Bengali banarasi saree have delicate embroidery or intricate zari work. For the big event coming up, you wish to see yourself in a Bengali banarasi saree, then all you have to do is pick the best one from Hastkala.

6) The range of banarasi saree in rich and attractive colours

Banarasi sarees are known for their enticing colour palette. We at Hastkala stand by it and bring the best of banarasi saree colours to you.

Our range includes purple banarasi saree, yellow banarasi saree, red banarasi saree, maroon banarasi saree, pink banarasi saree, black banarasi saree, blue banarasi saree, white banarasi saree, green banarasi saree and many more. A yellow banarasi saree for our afternoon and summery wedding paired with golden jewellery with add glitz to your dress up. Pair your gorgeous white banarasi saree with a low cut three-quarter sleeved blouse. Drape yourself in a black banarasi saree with minimal jewellery that adds little glam to your already attractive looking saree.

Look completely royal in a blue banarasi saree collection. From the wide range of banarasi saree colours; we offer at Hastkala, gift yourself one of each colour.


The best online banarasi saree house

Online buying gives you the option to pick up your likes at an affordable price. Looking to buy a banarasi saree, then you have to be at Hastkala. Get a wide variety to choose from while selecting banarasi saree online. Our banarasi saree online collection is sure to leave you wanting to grab every saree and make it a part of your wardrobe. Finding a banarasi silk sarees online at a price affordable is not so difficult when you have us. We offer pure banarasi silk sarees, Katan banarasi saree, bridal banarasi saree, chiffon banarasi saree, banarasi georgette sarees and many other types of banarasi sarees.

You deserve to treat yourself with the best, so we say never stop shopping. Glam up and drape yourself in the most elegant and rich banarasi collection from Hastkala.