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Irkal Silk
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Irkal Silk Saree - Highlighting the essence of traditions!

Indian culture is widely popular owing to its richness and diversity. People in India are deeply attached to their food, attires and rituals. Among everything that reflects our culture sarees, hail as a winner. Irkal sarees are a perfect example of grace. Irkal silk sarees come from a small town in Karnataka. When it comes to holding the place of authentic and old sarees in the textile industry's history, Irkal sarees are not far behind. Irkal sadi is a blend of 3 yarns cotton silk, art silk, pure silk that give it a rich texture. Irkal sarees are lustrious and have hues of maroon and red deeply rooted borders. Irkal sadi is a snippet of traditions and an outline of femininity.

Irkal khan saree have rich borders and attractive colours and are an ideal pick for special occasions. Keep your dress up game on point with irkal khun sarees. The beauty of Irkal khan sarees will drive the ones who see you in it mesmerised. Buy an irkal silk saree for your next big event and strike the chord of impression.

Irkal khun saree is known for its durability and ethnicity, making it women's top choice. The comforts of irkal khun sarees have fine quality yarns and aesthetic weaving methods.

Irkal silk saree has the soberest colours yet a regality that perfectly blends our traditions. The part of the saree that covers the body usually has squares, stripes or can be plain. The pally of irkal sarees will have temples, towers and ethnic patterns. Irkal sarees are either made with 6, 8, or 9 yards. The contrasting border of these sarees highlights their look and gives them their uniqueness. To maintain your irkal cotton saree, ensure it's washed in cold water and washed with mild detergents.


The stunning Irkal silk saree online collection

Women often resort to online shopping when they need an outfit but don't have the time to go and physically shop. Online shopping opens the gates to many options and also makes life simpler. There is a big event headed your way, and you have nothing to wear? We are here to make your life a little easy. Our irkal silk saree online is your solution. Drape yourself in a saree from our irkal silk saree online collection, and nothing can stop you from being addressed as a diva. Buy an irkal silk saree from our collection with glowing colours and aesthetically beautiful patterns.

Why Choose Irkal silk from Hastkala

We bring some of the finest and classy collections of irkal silk sarees to you. Our range of irkal sarees will leave you love-struck these include khan irkal saree, irkal black saree, pure silk irkal, green irkal saree, irkal cotton saree, and the list goes on. If you are a fan of authenticity and uniqueness when it comes to attire, take a look at our irkal saree online collection.

Why is the Ilkal saree famous?

The irkal silk sarees are famous for their traditional weaves and unique embroidery. Pure silk irkal saree can make your look for any event grand and posh. Black irkal saree with cream or beige blouse make for a perfect combination. Match the border and blouse colour that defines a jaw-dropping look.

What is the cost of the Ilkal saree?

Quality is a crucial factor when it comes to making a purchase. The cost of a saree depends on the quality. Hence buying from a trusted brand can give you an outfit worth buying. The irkal saree price starts from the range of 10,000 and goes above. The price range depends on the patterns and quality of the weaves. The irkal khan saree price is worth every penny because it will give you a gorgeous look, and the compliments won't stop coming.

Where are Ilkal sarees made?

Irkal saree is a weave from a town called ilkal in Karnataka. Irkal silk saree use a cotton wrap for the body to give comfort and silk wrap for borders to give it a shine and royal effect. The art silk forms the pallu of an irkal silk saree for a free flow and light feeling look.

An irkal silk saree takes days and days to weave, but the end product is always a masterpiece. Be it a wedding or daily wear, embellish yourself with a valuable and beautiful irkal saree. We are sure it will make you stand out in a crowd and accentuate your look to an ultimate level of grace.