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Kanjivaram Patola Silk
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Kanjivaram Sarees - A priced possession defining royalty and glitz

Owning a kanjivaram saree is not an ordinary thing the beauty and glamour make it extraordinary. For every saree lover, investing in a rich kanjivaram saree is worth every penny. The rich and lustrous fabrics, the exuberant colours and marvellous golden zari borders give kanjivaram sarees a royal place in every woman's heart.

Kanjeevaram sarees are an example of traditional and contemporary blends. Each weaved thread brings out the beauty and regality of this paragon. Every Kanjeevaram saree in the Hastkala collection is drop-dead gorgeous; if you don't believe us, you must take a look. The border of the Kanjivaram sarees is weaved artistically and with such great efforts that it never tears apart. The highlight of Kanjeevaram sarees is the golden border that gives them the overall shine and royal touch.

The aristocratic and best Kanjeevaram saree collection at Hastkala

At Hastkala, we believe in the essence and power of traditions, which reflects in our exuberant kanjeevaram sarees. From lustrous colours to beautiful motifs and designs, we have a wide range of Kanjivaram sarees to offer. The Kanjivaram saree price at Hastkala lets every saree lover own this precious possession.

Kanjivaram sarees for wedding

Weddings are a special occasion, and they require everything to be perfect. One of the most preferred saree by brides are kanjivaram sarees for weddings. The reality and glow are what kanjivaram sarees for a wedding gets on a bride's face. Beautiful and rich Kanjivaram sarees for weddings are a part of our bridal saree collection.

Kanchipuram pattu saree

Spruce designs, heavy borders and pure silk fabrics make women yearn for the traditionally beautiful Kanchipuram pattu saree. These sarees with pure mulberry silk. Silk is known as pattu, from which Kanchipuram Pattu Sarees derive their name.

The weaves of Kanchipuram pattu sarees exhibit threads of traditions and elegance, which bring them grandeur and richness.

Original and Pure Kanjivaram Sarees

Authenticity and durability are two of the main aspects considered while investing in a kanjivaram saree. Original kanjivaram sarees are 9 yards or 6 yards long and carry real gold and silver zari work. Tested original kanjivaram sarees will have threads with burnt hair smell and an authentic silk mark on them.

Making a single Pure Kanjivaram saree takes immense craftsmanship, and hence investing in them is worth it. Every pure kanjivaram saree will have a ball of ash residue left behind on burning a few threads differentiating it from an artificially made one. Finding a pure kanjivaram saree may seem like a task, but once you find it, you are in for priceless treasure.

At Hastkala, we assemble only original and pure kanjivaram sarees to give our buyers a worthwhile and magnificent experience.

A Captivating Collection of best and latest Kanjivaram Sarees

Occasions and special events require you to put your best-dressed look on. At Hastkala, we strain to make you stand true to the desire to have heads turn at your entrance at any event. A striking entry draped in the latest kanjivaram saree is never just a dream with us as your shopping destination. To get the best kanjivaram sarees with lustrous colours, top-notch design and motifs, all you have to do is head to Hastkala. The best kanjivaram sarees are all exhibited for your arrival.

Kanjivaram sarees online

Put a stop to your hunt for kanjeevaram saree online and see our collection. The kanjivaram saree online cater to women with different requirements and occasions you can drape them on. The Hastkala kanjivaram sarees online will wrap your mind and leave you bewildered to choose only one.

How much does a Kanjeevaram saree cost?

It is because of their royal aesthetics why these sarees are a true gem. Kanjeevarm sarees prices range from thousands to lakhs of rupees depending on the design elements and quantity of gold zari work. For kanjivaram sarees under 2,000, you can have a look at our collection. Kanjivaram sarees under 2,000 will be rich at a grass-root level. As you move higher in the Kanjivaram sarees price range the quality and design will only keep getting grand and glorious.

Is kanjivaram and Kanchipuram same?

Many women are caught in a dilemma whether kanjivaram and Kanchipuram are the same. To bring an end to it, we say yes, they are the synonyms. These sarees derive their name from the town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, where they weaved with excellent craftsmanship.

What is the Speciality of Kanjivaram saree?

The sheer feeling of royalness and beauty manifested by Kanjivaram sarees is what makes them extraordinary. Every occasion and event that witnesses a woman draped in a Kanjivaram saree instinctively looks grand and lush. The pure silk fabric, bold and beautiful colours, intricate and artistic designs make a kanjivaram saree a masterpiece.