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Khaddi Bandhej
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Bandhej Saree - A blend of traditions and charm

India is a land well known for its rich traditions and culture. The thought of traditional and ethnic wear always brings a smile to the faces of Indians. It is the ethnic attire that wins hearts all over the world. Sarees are love, and every Indian woman will agree to that. No matter caste or religion, sarees seem to garner fondness from every Indian. Bandhej sarees are a precise depiction of our culture and its beauty. Bandhej saree, also known as bandhani saree, is made with a unique tie and dye method.

Bandhej saree, aka bandhani saree, hail from the state of Gujarat and also has spread its magic in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Bandhej saree has been a part of the ethnic universe for ages and holds the position of pure traditional symbol. Khaddi bandhej is priceless because it takes months to create a single saree.

Bandhani saree is renowned in the TV and Movie universe. The Indian craftsman and artist should deserve appreciation for creating gorgeous ethnic masterpieces. Khaddi bandhej saree is a must-have in your saree collection

You will find khaddi bandhej saree in hues of attractive colours like blue, red, dark green, yellow, orange, pink. Khaddi bandhej have the finest karigari work that will leave you amazed. Khaddi bandhej sarees are also worn by brides on their special day as they are considered auspicious.

Khaddi bandhej are a symbol of ultimate grace and beauty.


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Hastkala is a brand that believes in the ideology of promoting the rich Indian culture with the language of ethnic wear,

We have sarees that hail from different parts of the country, and the bandhej saree, also known as Bandhani saree, is one of them.

The khaddi bandhej saree online collection of Hastkala sarees have the charm that makes a direct entry to your heart. The striking colours, beautiful patterns, and intricate weaving process make it a treasure that every wardrobe deserves.


What is Bandhej saree?


The tie and dye technique and process create a bandhej saree. First, the fabric is tied with a thread to create a unique design, and then the cloth is dipped in colour dye.

After the colour dries up, the weavers open the knots, giving birth to a beautiful design and rich colour bandhej saree.

Is Bandhani and Bandhej same?

Bandhej saree and bandhani saree are synonyms. They both are the same, and the process of tying and dyeing using cotton or silk fabric is how these sarees come to life. The beauty of the bandhani saree and bandhej saree lies in the number of dots. It is hands-down a stunner.

How do you clean a Bandhej saree?

Bandhej sarees deserve extra care and gentle treatment. Handwash the saree before you put it for machine wash. Avoid machine wash and use it only if there is too much dirt. Handwash should be more than enough to clean a bandhej saree. Use fabric conditioner before spinning it in the dryer to keep the colour and fabric intact of your bandhani saree.

Looking for a chance to leave everyone with awe at the next event or occasion you attend? Then a bandhej saree is the ideal choice.

The collection of bandhani sarees with vibrant colours, dynamic patterns and beautiful artistic output at Hastkala are calling out to you.