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Maheshwari Silk
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Maheshwari silk saree - Splendid weaves of traditio

The cultural land of India has an abundance of beauty and magnificence that we all cherish. Our rich heritage reflects well in our dressing, entertainment and our festivals.

The clothing attires are beautiful and have artisans who weave them with expert skills and hard work.

There is no doubt that sarees are one of the most cherished forms of clothing among Indian women.

Amid the vast types, the Maheshwari silk saree is known for its sheer weaves of traditions and treasurable designs. These sarees are an example of grandeur. Maheshwari silk sarees are the fashion statement every woman would want to drape themselves in.

Maheshwar cotton sarees are also quite famous for their beauty and hail from the town of Maheshwar, located in Madhya Pradesh. Maheshwari cotton saree was worn first by the territory ruler Ahilya bai who was also the designer behind the splendid artisan work.

Maheshwari cotton silk sarees exhibit royalty at their best. Handwoven with aesthetics and authenticity is the speciality of a Maheshwari cotton silk sarees.

Pure Maheshwari silk saree is the perfect pick as a grand celebration attire usually adorned by women.

Maheshwari cotton silk saree's elegance and regalness are sure to lure many.

Let your wardrobe get a taste of class and beauty when you add pure Maheshwari silk sarees.

Maheshwari cotton sarees often have temple designs and motifs inspired by the town of Maheshwar.

Earlier Maheshwari cotton sarees were available in dark and solid colours. Nowadays, the Maheshwari cotton saree is get-at-able in subtle and light colours.

The Magnificent Maheshwari Cotton Silk Saree Collection

Make a stunning entry at any party or event draping a pure Maheshwari silk saree, and there is no stopping from winning everyone's heart. Maheshwari silk cotton saree collection at Hastkala will make you dazzle like a diva. The pure fabric, authentic colour and impressive design make our Maheshwari cotton silk outfits premium. Our saree array has Maheshwari tissue silk saree, Maheshwari cotton silk handloom saree, Maheshwari cotton and more attractive sarees.

Black Maheshwari saree: Black has the beauty that can take anyone captive. A black Maheshwari silk saree is what you need to make a striking appearance. Whether it is a black Maheshwari saree with a golden touch or bright and bold colour, you know it will never fail to impress.

Cotton Silk Maheshwari saree: A cotton silk Maheshwari saree consists of silk yarn warp and cotton weft. They are lightweight but give a luxurious look.

Maheshwari printed cotton sarees:

These days printed designs on clothes are popular. It gives you a distinct look and makes you feel light, relieving you from the heavy embroidery work. Maheshwari printed cotton sarees allow you to elevate your look. You can adorn a Maheshwari printed cotton saree at a casual event or even a party. Easy to carry and easier to flaunt.

Why buy Maheshwari silk cotton saree online from Hastkala

Looking for a saree that exhibits grace and glamour. It's time to look at the Maheshwari silk saree online collection of Hastkala. Be it dressing up daily; or for a celebration, our Maheshwari saree can flawlessly pull it off.

Acing the effortlessly stylish avatar is simple when you pick a Maheshwari silk cotton saree online from our cluster.

What is the cost of Maheshwari cotton silk?

In our collection, the cost of the Maheshwari cotton silk saree starts from Rs 11,000. We determine Maheshwari cotton silk saree price on the fabric's quality, the guarantee of colour and the unique design. Bringing the best Maheshwari silk saree for our customers is what we abide by as a brand.


Is Maheshwari silk pure silk?

Yes, the Maheshwari silk saree has the essence of pure silk. The soft, feather-like texture and sheer shine mark its grandness. Silk is so pure that its beauty multiplies the charming design and patterns.

What is the USP of the Maheshwari cotton silk saree?  

Maheshwari saree is woven threads of cotton and silk, two of the most loved fabrics. Their royalness and premiumness make them highly worthy. Maheshwari sarees have a reversible border which allows you to drape the saree on both sides. Maheshwari silk sarees have zari borders and alluring brocade with stripes, checks, floral prints. The vibrant hues of the saree elevate because of their golden rich saree border.

Maheshwari sarees are the epitome of beauty and hence handle them with gentleness and care. Make sure you dry-clean your Maheshwari saree or wash it gently. Mindful steps by careful ironing and proper storing can keep your saree fresh and beautiful for long. Let your sarees get some fresh air to ensure they don't smell or catch odour. The quirky designs and colour combination, stylish embroideries and contemporary prints make this a treasure worth possessing. Evergreen and elegance are what a Maheshwari saree brings to your saree collection.