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Paithani Saree पैठणी साड़ी - Look Radiant and Ravishing in a Paithani Saree from Hastkala

While on a saree shopping spree, have you come across a Paithani Saree?
It depicts sheer elegance and radiance. Women are in love and awe with पैठणी साड़ी for its unique design work and pure woven material. Paithani saree has a rich and heavy zari pallu and border. Pure paithani sarees are known for their rich design and work. Paithani saree is originally from the town of Paithan in Maharashtra. Pure Paithani sarees have been famous and a part of a rich fashion statement for years now. Paithani saris are known as the queen of sarees. Paithani sarees are a perfect attire for a wedding ceremony.
Paithani sarees usually have parrots, birds, flowers, lotus, a peacock on the pallu, and the shades of colours available will leave you bewildered because you will want to pick one of each colour for your wardrobe. Pure paithani saree are a style statement at weddings owing to their silk fabric and heavy zari work. Pure paithani sarees at Hastkala are sure to leave you mesmerized. Our paithani sarees collection is suitable for occasions, weddings and events. You are surely going to be a showstopper when you drape yourself in a saree from our paithani saree collection. Paithani sarees are breathtakingly gorgeous and beautifully designed.

Pick Pretty Paithani Saree पैठणी साड़ी from the collection at Hastkala!

Yavala Paithani:  On the hunt for the best Yavala paithani saree?

Then you've got to be at Hastkala. Bright colours, unique patterns, delicate work make the yavala paithani sarees at Hastkala are surely going to win your heart. The yavala paithani saree is perfect for any occasion or wedding where you need to make a striking appearance.

Shivshahi Paithani: The shivshahi paithani saree is rich and royal, making them the ideal pick for a wedding. They make you look drop-dead gorgeous. Walk into a wedding with a shivshahi paithani saree from Hastkala and add glamour and glitz to your look to make heads turn.

Marathi Paithani Sarees: The Marathi Paithani sarees come in glittery and festive colours, with rich zari work. The Marathi Paithani sarees dazzle up weddings, special family events and occasions because of how glamourous they make women look. Maharashtrian brides consider dressing in a Marathi paithani saree for their wedding. It connects them to traditions beautifully.

Peshwai Paithani: The Peshwai Paithani sarees have always been the traditional contemplated avatar for the Marashtrians for years now. Peshwai paithani sarees are made with fine silk threads and are weaved with zari to give them a spectacular look. The different colours and patterns of the Peshwai paithani saree are available at the best prices only at Hastkala.

Maharani Paithani: A maharani paithani saree comes in an array of eye-catching colours and splendid design work for a luxurious look. The maharani paithani sarees are preferred options for weddings and grand occasions. Maharani paithani sarees usually have contrast colours in the pallu from the overall saree colour for a refined look. Maharani Paithani also has borders with zari work that make them look rich and bright.

Bridal Paithani: A Maharashtrian wedding is not complete without a paithani saree. The bridal paithani saree at Hastkala is sure to leave a mark on the guest who will not be able to take their eyes of the bride. The bridal paithani saree will add much-needed glam to your look. From top to bottom the bridal paithani saree will make you look perfect.

Kanjivaram Paithani: The design of the Kanjivaram Paithani saree are of high-quality fabric and beautiful designs. Our Kanjivaram paithani sarees are in sync with the latest trends. A kanjivaram paithani saree is the ultimate attire for any celebratory occasion.

Semi Paithani: A semi paithani silk saree has a web thread on the other side of it. They are handwoven or machine stitched. Many semi paithani sarees have the same design and print. Semi paithani silk sarees are light and are cheaper than pure silk paithani due to large scale production. The semi paithani collection at Hastkala will leave you spellbound.


The pallet of vibrant colour of Paithani sadi पैठणी साड़ी

Red Paithani Saree: Red paithani sadi or saree often make for a good pick for a wedding occasion. They are picked up by brides as red is usually considered a symbol of love and passion. A red paithani saree with a broad border and zari work on pallu make for good wedding wear. Pair your red paithani saree with good pearl or gold or Kundan jewellery for a flawless look.

Yellow Paithani Saree: The colour yellow always draws attention. Imagine the bright colour and the rich design on a paithani saree would make for a gorgeous combination. Yellow paithani saree with contrast colour pallus are royal fashion style statements. A yellow paithani with contrast jewellery matching the pallu will create a picture-perfect appearance. 

Blue Paithani Saree: From light to dark, the shades of blue paithani sarees available at Hastkala will startle you. Pick your favourite blue hue to glam up for your next event only from our collection. Pair it up with a contrasting blouse for a marvellous look.

Green Peshwai Saree: Drape yourself in a green peshwai saree from the Hastkala paithani saree collection for a striking appearance. A green peshwai saree with golden jewellery and ethnic ornaments make for a dazzling look.

Pink Paithani saree: For a dolled up and sweet and subtle demeanour, opt for a pink paithani saree. Pink paithani saree will give you an extravagantly beautiful look at a day event or in an outdoor setting. Whether you are looking for a light or dark shade, our pink paithani saree collection has an array of pink hues.

White Paithani Saree: When opting for an elegant and graceful look, pick a white paithani saree from the Hastkala paithani sari collection. White paithani saree with multi-coloured pallu looks good daylight event. A white paithani saree with a red border and pallu makes for flawless attire.

Orange Paithani Saree: For a bright and dynamic impression, you can drape yourself in an orange paithani saree. Orange paithani saree with ethnic look is the perfect option for social get together, festivals and occasions.


Why choose Hastkala for shopping for Paithani sari?

At Hastkala, we believe in only giving the finest handcrafted clothing to our customers. We understand the trust our customers show in us when they are looking for a dressing option to startle everyone. The vast paithani sari collection has a range catering to women with different taste.

Be it yavala paithani, peshwai paithani saree, Marathi wedding paithani saree, original paithani saree or new paithani saree pattern; we pick only the best for our collection.

The Marathi wedding paithani or engagement Marathi paithani saree is sure to add glitter and sparkle to your special day. We understand the importance of these days and get only the best for bride and bride-to-be. The Marathi wedding paithani and engagement Marathi paithani saree you drape will be one of the highlights, and it will make you feel happy and beautiful.

The Classic Online Paithani Saree पैठणी साड़ी Destination

While online shopping paithani saree, the site you should visit is Hastkala. We've got the top quality and premium collection of paithani saree for you. Orange paithani saree, peacock paithani, banarasi paithani, nauvari paithani for wedding, mhalsa paithani are a few of the best in our paithani sari collection. Buy a paithani saree from Hastkala for a look that people will remember forever, and everyone will want to look as glamourous as you.


How can we identify pure paithani?          

To identify a pure paithani saree, you should remember the right side and reverse side should be the same. A pure paithani saree will not have a web of threads on the inner side of the saree. The weaving of a pure paithani saree takes several days based on the design. Also, pure paithani sarees come in basic primary colours, while machine sarees come in innumerable colours.


Why are Paithani sarees expensive?        

Paithani sari is worth every penny you invest in buying them. The Hastkala paithani saree collection is rich and worth it. Paithani sarees make you look royal and don a striking appearance at any event or celebration.


Which paithani is best?      

The top paithani sarees are traditional paithani saree, peshwai paithani saree, maharani paithani, nauvari paithani, Marathi paithani, Puneri paithani, Pure paithani silk sarees are famous among women. So pick from our collection a paithani type for different occasions and festivals.


What should I wear on the Paithani saree?          

Pair your paithani saree with ethnic ornaments, designer clutches, and a fancy blouse. Style your paithani saree and flaunt it in different ways.


How to take care of Paithani Saree in your wardrobe?

Paithani sarees are the most loved sarees and are on the must-have list of every woman. Maintaining a paithani saree is vital for it to retain its purity and richness.

1) Paithani saree must be kept wrapped in a muslin cloth

2) Keep them away from chemicals or naphthalene balls

3) Don't use a cardboard box or plastic cover to store it

4) Paithani sarees require good air circulation to maintain their quality

5) Monsoon is not a suitable climate for paithani sarees. Protecting them from moisture and dampness is a must

6) The way you fold your paithani saree after every use must be different

7) Keep away from liquids