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Patola Silk
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Patola silk saree - Touch of grace to traditions

Sarees tug at every woman's heart and makes them feel rooted in their culture. There are different types of saree, and one of the significant ones includes patola silk saree. Pure Patola silk saree exhibit style and convention. Patola silk saree hail from Patan located in Gujarat. Silk patola saree are handmade silk, which brings out their distinctiveness. Silk Patola saree is a prized possession as it takes months of effort and craftsmanship to create a unique saree. If there is fluctuation in any step of the weaving process, then the design can turn out differently. Their rare design weaves, dynamic hues and impressive motif design will make your heart skip a beat. The patola silk sarees receive appreciation from people who love the blend of contemporary and conventional artwork.

A notable feature of the pure patola silk saree is that the look and feel are smooth and the same inside and outside. There are times when even the weaver may be bewildered of which one is the outer side. Each pure silk patola saree depicts a heartwarming story of elegance and charm. The attractive colours, intricate designs and captivating patterns make patola saree silk irresistible. Pure silk patola saree exhibits radiance and makes every occasion grander. The pure patola silk saree price at Hastkala reflects class and phenomenal craftsmanship.

Banarasi Patola silk saree is one of the finest and purest forms of beauty. A special ceremony or family gathering, a patola banarasi silk saree will be nothing less than a charmer. Traditional, silver and Rajasthani jewellery best compliment a patola silk saree. This drape will never fail to leave a mark of enchantment. A banarasi patola silk saree is a sure shot when you want to make a stunning impression. It brings zest in celebrations and establishes you as a diva.

What makes Patola Silk saree online at Hastkala desirable

Every saree that forms a part of our collection promises quality and make you feel queenly. The patola silk saree online will leave you hypnotized with its beauty. No matter how you want to keep the drape, the fall of a patola silk saree is sure to make you look cultured and comely. The patola silk saree online will be the only place you would want to visit every time once you see the collection. The patola silk saree price at Hastkala is economical, and the quality is always maintained, keeping it superior. For the next event that hits up on your calendar, get rid of the outfit worry and choose from Hastkala patola silk saree online collection. 

Which is the best description of Patola silk sarees?

The best and suitable way to describe a patola silk saree is the grandeur and heritage it manifests. If you are looking for ethnic wear that spotlights you at an event, then a patola silk saree is the right choice. Patola silk sarees are also a great gifting option for the fashionistas in your circle. Weaving a single patola saree takes months and years, and that makes them extraordinary. When you drape in them, you can feel the essence of hard work and precision.

What's the best way to clean a patola saree?

Patola silk sarees are a gem to be valued, and hence maintaining their royalness is a must. The after-effects of buying a patola saree are happiness and floating with compliments. To drape and flaunt your patola saree for years, you must know that dry cleaning is the ideal option. Keep your patola silk saree stored in a bag. Harsh detergents and sunlight are a big no, as they may lead to fabric deterioration.

What is the price of a Patola silk saree?

The pure patola silk saree price at Hastkala starts at 11,000 and goes up as per the designs and patterns. Our collection has uniquely designed and enthraling colours that are sure to give you a glamourous look. The patola silk saree price justifies the fabric and colours that you will find in our collection.