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Raw Silk
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Raw Silk Sarees - The mark of magnificence

The silk fabric has trickled down for centuries and is tugs at every heart. Silk is wrinkle and tear-free, dries quickly and causes fewer chances of allergy. Raw silk fabric has a touch of sheen and premiumness. Silk is used widely in the clothing sector and has its charm, but silk sarees are imperative for the wardrobe. Sarees are the staple attire of Indians, and raw silk sarees hail as a winner.

Raw silk is considered one of the oldest players in the fabric market and is famous worldwide. The surface is coarse as it is not processed, and the raw silk sadi is light-weighted, which makes it exclusive. Thanks to the feather-like feel, it makes carrying a raw silk saree comfortable and easy. Raw silk comes to life before any silk process like de-gumming, dyeing, pressing or lustring. Raw silk price is on the quality of silk, and even if it may be expensive, it seems worth it. 

It is the purest, soft and brilliant form of silk. Raw silk sadi provide comfort when you walk, sit or even dance wearing it. Raw silk saree is easy to drape and carry. Raw silk materials online are also a star attraction at Hastkala.

Semi raw silk sarees are a mix of cotton and silk. Semi raw silk sarees are the best bet when you want to look stylish and sassy.

In our collection of raw silk sarees, you will find priceless picks like plain raw silk sarees, pure raw silk saree, soft raw silk sarees. Silk raw materials are also in demand due to the sheen and shine the end ensemble provides.

We are a trusted and renowned raw silk saree wholesale establishment.

Raw silk sadi have magnificence and charm that draw your attention to the wearer. The only raw silk saree online collection you should visit to get your mind-blown away is at Hastkala.

Buy Raw silk saree from the exuberant raw silk saree online collection at Hastkala.

Every outfit you choose must define your personality uniquely. It must accentuate your appearance and make you look distinctive. Our raw silk saree online collection embodies beautiful and rich textured raw silk sadi. An impressive line of raw silk saree online is waiting to charm you. If you want to invest and buy a raw silk saree with authentic fabric and heart-warming colours, put your trust in us.

Buy a raw silk saree that can make hearts swoon shop at our store. Striking semi raw silk sarees also form a part of our raw silk saree online range. Plain raw silk sarees, pure raw silk saree or soft raw silk sarees, you won't be able to stop yourself from picking just one. Pair up your plain raw silk saree with a contrast blouse, and that right there is a look worth every compliment.

Not just the sarees, but raw silk materials online are getting equal attention as it gives a flawless look after stitching. Buy rich and pure raw silk material online from the brand you trust.

Is raw silk expensive?

As it is the purest form of silk dictates the raw silk price. The raw silk price starts from around 2,500 per kg and goes above and beyond on usage. The Hastkala raw silk sarees collection with the price make this saree a must-have. They give you a regal look and are sure to get everyone's eyes darted on you. Our raw silk sarees collection with the price is due to its calibre. The Hastkala raw silk sarees collection with the price you pay is the right pick to give you the diva treatment at any event you appear.

What is the price of raw silk?

The best raw silk sarees have gathered here at Hastkala, waiting to be yours. Whether it is raw silk saree price, pure raw silk sarees with price or plain raw silk sarees price, there is no bargain because we promise to provide authentic quality and aesthetically beautiful raw silk sarees. The sarees are worth the price you may and an investment which will go down for years and years.

If you are in awe of silk sarees, you would love to be the owner of raw silk saree. Raw silk sarees comfort, grandeur, effortless maintenance makes it a masterpiece.