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Tussar Silk
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Tussar Silk Saree - The excellence of elegance

In India, our cultures and traditions run high in our nerves. People are attached to their attire, food and festivities. When it comes to food, there's diversity, but the ethnicity of attire rides the same in every heart. Sarees are favourites among the other available ethnic wear among Indian women. The silk sarees are cherished and renowned, and one such type of silk is the Tussar silk. A tussar silk saree reflects impeccable royalness. Well-identified silk is Tussar silk which exhibits absoluteness and premium quality. It is available on a large scale only in our country. Tussar silk sarees have the best handloom silk attires acknowledged worldwide.

Tussar saree helps you feel at utmost comfort without compromising on elegance. The tussar silk fabrics softness and feather feel allow you to stretch long hours of festivities, looking gorgeous throughout. A tussar silk fabric is shiny on the surface and breathable soft on the inside, making it an ideal pick. Half sleeve blouse makes the best combination with a pure tussar silk saree. Choose a tussar silk fabric for the regalness the attire gives your personality. Look like a dazzling diva without giving up your ethnic aesthetics draped in a pure tussar silk saree. A tussar art silk saree is super light and comfortable. The design, patterns and colours of a tussar art silk saree draw inspiration from a pure tussar silk saree. A tussar art silk manages to keep your body cool and breezy even in scorching summers. Doll up all year round in a pure tussar silk saree and get captured as beguiling beauty.

Tussar silk fabrics come from West Bengal, known as tropical tussar. They are made with wild moths and hence are entirely pure. Pure Tussar silk sarees are an example of extravagance and embellishment. Tussar silk sarees below 1000 are also available in the market and are tussar art silk sarees.


Buy Tussar Silk Saree Online from a captivating collection at Hastkala.

We bring some of the best and most elegant tussar silk sarees for giving you gorgeous doll-like attire whenever you step out to a celebration or party. Our tussar silk sarees with a price that will not only make your wardrobe happy but your wallet too. The tussar silk sarees online in our collection will offer you the latest and charming designs, magnetic colours and combinations that'll give you a distinctive look. The tussar silk sarees online include pure tussar silk sarees, tussar art silk saree, designer silk sarees and much more. Our tussar silk sarees online won't disappoint with their durability and longevity.

A tussar silk saree beautifully captures a viewer's attention as you can see two different colours from 2 different angles. The tussar silk sarees below 1000 are worth every penny and are sure to bring out your dashing side. Tussar silk saree at a price that is affordable? Yes, you got it right. 

Attractive colours, intriguing designs and much more is available in tussar silk sarees below 1000 in the market.


What is the cost of an Art Tussar silk saree?


Tussar art silk sarees are less expensive compared to pure tussar silk sarees. They give you a royal look with the comfort of cotton at a relatively lower price than that of a tussar silk saree. It's like royalty that is within one's reach without going overboard.


Are art silk sarees good?


Art silk sarees have synthetic fibre that is a replica of silk. Art silk sarees fabricate at a rate lower than silk saree. They give women the chance to flaunt their beauty without the guilt of overspending.

How to take care of a Tussar silk saree?

Buying a saree is one thing and preserving it well is another. Taking care of a silk saree is primary. Use lukewarm water to wash your saree; use gentle baby shampoo, and stir the water. Dip the saree and let it soak for a while. Rinse it with cold water and leave it to dry.

Tussar silk saree has a flair and flowy texture, making it easy to carry. Beautiful zari borders, hand-woven designs, mesmerising colours elevate the look of a tussar silk saree. Usually, tussar silk sarees use natural and pastel shades with more colours on the pallu.

The saree body has the design of motifs and florals, geometric or stripes giving it a classy and elegant look.

Drape yourself in sheer elegance and beauty in a tussar silk saree from Hastkala. Be the style statement at every wedding and party that you attend. We bet there is nothing such as too many compliments, so let them keep coming when you dress gorgeously in a tussar silk saree.